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ng4T and JDSU at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

posted until 13.11.2013

It is always a challenge to generate real-world traffic during exhibitions. JDSU presented PacketInsight in Barcelona, a real-time network monitoring solution and diagnostics tool. The show was supported by ng4T and its leading edge 3G/4G traffic generator.

NG40-RAN models user activity, while NG40-CORE emulates MME, SGW, HSS and provides interfaces to external networks. PacketInsight was stressed with heavy load via S1-C and S1-U interface. NG40-RAN offers various traffic models, including abnormal and prohibited user behavior. The audience got a realistic impression about PacketInsight and its applications, such as KPI's, troubleshooting, network optimization and security forensics.

Your Evolved Packet Core in the cloud

posted until 25.03.2014

Is there a way to test 4G procedures and services with my own Radio Access Equipment? 4G Core is still expensive and not commonly available. ng4T therefore offers an inexpensive virtual Evolved Packet Core (EPC) as a new service. Manufacturers of indoor cells, Universities, test labs and mobile application developpers can now run a private 4G network without the burden of heavy investment.

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